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Progressive Stamping is always a pleasure to work with.  They have a highly experienced and friendly team who are always dedicated and willing to tackle any task.  Together we created a “turnkey solution” for our new product lines.  We are excited to be working closely together in the future and will continue to support each other as we have done in the past.

– David Bugbee
Tool Room Manager

UK Branch

Centek has had a long ongoing relationship with Progressive Stamping & Fabrication.  From prior years working with Wayne in a previous setting, I felt comfortable reaching out when we had a capacity issue here at Centek.  As the relationship continued, Centek was able to collaborate with Wayne and his team as we began to design new products.  What stands out to me the most is that Progressive Stamping saw us much deeper than a business contract.  When we have had questions, problems, or needing access to equipment that we don’t have readily available, Progressive Stamping has been able to help us through it all.

– Steve Erdley
Plant Manager

OKC Branch

The team at Progressive, especially their experienced operators, have been one of the most accommodating individuals I have ever worked with in this business. When a situations arises where we need manufacturing support from actual production to R&D, the team at Progressive have rarely ever not had a solution ready for us, and our requests have been answered with a “That won’t be a problem at all.”  Being able to work alongside the team at Progressive, and having a first-hand experience in the operations of our processes as well as their own, has been a great way for both teams to learn and generate new ideas and solutions for a variety of situations.  If it wasn’t for Progressive Stamping, I can’t begin to imagine where Centek would be today in our operations.

– Sam Crone
Design & Process Engineering

OKC Branch

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