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Why Us?


You cannot count on parts being delivered on time.


You are encountering production stoppages due to poor quality parts.


You are feeling ignored by your supplier for special requests or problems.


You need to collaborate with a supplier on part improvements or process improvements.


You need a supplier that can provide inventory and supply chain management to best meet your needs, i.e Kanban, Supermarket, JIT, etc.


You are happy with your current supplier, but they do not have the capacity to meet your needs.



It’s one of the things we do best. We’re good at listening, asking questions, uncovering and understanding your needs and then working together with you to create the best product/service to match those needs.


Project management, product development, design review and understanding the needs of all stakeholders are all part of superior collaboration and we have found it crucial to creating the best product or service to match your specific requirements.

Engineering & Design Services

Progressive stamping provides tool and die services along with process engineering, drafting, physical and optical inspection, reverse engineering, and prototyping. We offer a variety of engineering solutions to meet your schedule, production and budget requirements.


On-Time Delivery

Supermarket, Kanban, local Oklahoma City delivery, and a nationwide delivery via LTL. We work with you to meet delivery standards according to your needs.

On time delivery is tracked and in the event that “on time” is missed, corrective actions are taken. Part of providing quality is on time delivery. A right quality part not delivered on time is a non-conformance, a defect.

Why Not Us?

Progressive Stamping is not a good fit for everyone. Here are some key reasons why we may not be a good fit for your project.

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