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Team Building

Working hard doesn't mean you can't play hard. We take pride in our PSI family and know how to have some fun when the time is right.

Chili Cookoff

Every winter, we have a chili competition where employees make different types of chili. You can add any of your favorite ingredients to your chili and give it a fun and entertaining name. Three awards are given out at the end of each cook-off and they are: the first place award, second place award, and the people’s choice award.

Blood Drive

This past year we have teamed up with our neighbors, R.K. Black Inc. for two blood drives with OBI.  Big shout out to all who donated!

Team Building

We all like to have fun and it certainly keeps us awake and more alert. At least once a year, instead of working, we gather together and spend most of the day having fun and getting to know each other.

Employee Appreciation Week

During employee appreciation week, we organize fun events for all our employees. Each day has something special such as free lunch and various tournaments. We greatly appreciate all our employees and it’s our desire to make this known to them.